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At Easy Guy Auto Sales, located in Indianapolis, IN, we have a passion for vehicles. We also have a passion for helping customers. Put those two things together and you get the most satisfying, hassle-free car buying experience you've ever had. We pride ourselves on stocking an impressive inventory lineup of quality used cars, trucks, and SUVs that is sure to meet your needs. *5 Star Rated Dealer!* Guaranteed Approval with proof of income & valid Indiana drivers license! Bad credit, No credit? No Problem! You provide down payment and proper documentation & drive away today! We get even the toughest bad credit cases financed! LOWEST Payments in Central Indiana "AS LOW AS $50.00 PER WEEK." Best CASH Prices too!! Numerous awesome cars to choose from- Our inventory changes several times a week! Outstanding service, reliability, and quality, that's Easy Guy Auto Sales!

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